26 January 2009

What did you get for Christmas?

Many have asked us where have we been.  It has been a month since our last post and we have a pretty good excuse.  We have purchased a General Store and Post Office.  That was our Christmas present!
I have been very busy liaising with existing and new suppliers, ensuring existing and new staff will be properly trained, and lots of new plans are being worked out.
The shop also has an active coffee shop.  Our aim is to upgrade the presentation and quality and consistency of service and ingredients.  We are using experienced Baristas (the fancy title for those that are experienced in making coffee) to train all our staff.  I have learned lots about the art and science of making a quality cup of coffee!
Lana and her mum have been making tablecloths for the coffee tables, I have been designing all the printed material and it is looking pretty good.

The two photos here are some of the clever little cross stitch patterns Lana has been stitching.  They will be placed appropriately around the shop to improve the country/homey feel of the place. The pattern was part of the UK CrossStitcher Magazine Issue 198 (April 2008). Margaret Sherry is the clever designer and the set is called "Coffee and Cuddles".  They are pretty cute pictures.
We will have more cross stitch pictures coming soon as Lana has now some new wall space to fill with her artwork!


Cathy said...

Congratulations! I'd love pictures. What a great idea!

Ann Y said...

Congratulations! It will be a venture that keeps the entire family busy.

Neuropoet said...

Wow! What an adventure that will be! I'm looking forward to hearing all about it... :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool! So excited to hear about your new venture and ADventure. That sounds like the perfect type of family business for you. I can see all of your blessings helping out and it just being a wonderful homey store to visit. Congratulations!