15 December 2008

Elephant stamps all round

In our State there is quite a procedure for a person to gain a driver's license. First they pass a written test to obtain a learner's permit. They then have a minimum of one year and up to three years to gain 120 hours of driving experience, covering a number of key learning areas including at least 20 hours of night driving.
That is a lot of driving!
Ariel passed her written test first go. She knew that if she failed she would have to try again and pay another fee but I don't think she needed the financial threat as she remembers what she reads very well.
We then decided to use a professional trainer for 20 hours to make sure she learned the basics in a structured manner. Now the remaining time she is mostly spending with me. 
For all you Dads out there, think of this as a great bonding experience. Together you face danger and stress, calmly suggesting improvements to your daughter's driving like, "Slow down ... slow down, SLOW DOWN! STOP!!!".
"I was stopping!" comes the calm reply, as you get your hand off the hand/emergency brake, and breathe again.
Ah, this is what memories are made of.
But that was early days. Every time we go out, Ariel is my chauffeur, driving at up to the maximum 80km per hour (50 mph).  The trip may take a little longer for highway trips, but it all counts gradually to those magical 120 hours.
Ariel is improving greatly. So much so that she earned her first Elephant Stamp on her hand.


jodi said...

Congratulations to Ariel. And I love her hair in the previous post. But only a dad or brother would think to put a lego person in her hair :-)!!

Leanne said...

It certainly is bonding to take them 'driving', they lean to trust you in a deeper way.