11 January 2008

We are at Defcon 3.0!

Not only has Martin fought off his illness (and a lovely peace was heard throughout the night) but he has started to walk unaided. At 8.5 months he stands up from a sitting position and wanders towards his target.
We are at Defcon 3.0 (see here for the scale).
Lego and other creations are no longer safe at their old heights. Life at the Bruggies has notched into another level of interesting.
(As you can see here, Martin is certainly enjoying his new found skills.)

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Therese said...

lol. I like your defcon list. Our youngest is just a month of 3 and he must be at defcon 3.5. He trips on whatever we leave around. Nothing is safe on the floor when he is running. He has a huge bruise right now under his right eye because he tripped on something and went straight into our lounge suite.