27 August 2004

Lana’s parents move along.

After a very enjoyable stay of three and a half months, Lana’s parents left for home (via Holland and Singapore). They arrived on May 17 and were there for the birth of Rose, Dad helped the boys make some fine swords and shields, Mum did lots of cross stitching and quilting with Lana, they explored in many directions using our place as a base, joined us for our Douglas, Georgia, trip, Dad built some great head boards for the beds (called bed heads in Australia) and Dad even assisted us by changing the spark plus on B2.

After having two extra people sharing our house it was very odd when they left. During our nightly prayers we stopped and counted. Yep. We were all there but it just seemed less than it should be. There were only eight of us.

Places visited with Lana’s parents:
  • Helen
  • the local Bank's “Hometown Hoedown” customer appreciation day,
  • Brasstown Bald
  • Douglas, Georgia
  • Lots of Walmarts
  • Fireworks in Hiawassee
  • Memorial Day parade
  • Cabbage Patch Dolls “Babyland General Hospital” in Cleveland, Georgia
  • Georgia Mountain Fair
  • Vogel Park
  • Coopers Creek
  • Lots of experiences of US shopping.
Dad and Mum also went on a number of trips on their own using B1 as a travel vehicle, including along the Blue Ridge Parkway as far as Virginia, then across through Chattanooga to Alabama and various forays checking out local parks. Overall the visit was superb. We are really pleased that they were able to visit, and be with us when Rose arrived in the world.

Mum resting in the luxury of B1.

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