28 February 2004

The Australian Bakery Cafe

One of the directors of Greentree was traveling the US with his family and was able to visit us up in the remote NE corner of Georgia. We had a great dinner with our two families, and he imparted a critical piece of intelligence. There was a little bakery that sold Australian meat pies and other bakery goods in Atlanta and Marietta (Nth Atlanta). Marietta is 2 hours away but that is nothing for a good meat pie. I told Bretta Ogburn and this was great news for them too. They lived in Australia for a few years, and that is enough to give one a yearning for a good meat pie.
We finally made it and bought meat pies, lamingtons, bread rolls without sugar, vanilla slices, cherry ripe slices and apple slices. A great taste of home. The chaps that run the shops are from Australia and New Zealand. The baker at the Marietta store was from Northern Victoria. When he, Lana, the lady behind the counter and David dropped into straight Australian, the local girl (16?) couldn’t understand what we were saying. Great Fun. Their web site is here.

Australian Bakery Cafe (Yum)

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