12 October 2016

It's the little things ...

"Captain! We may have taken a wrong turn ..."
It's the little things that sometimes confuse the children.

  1. Light switches flip UP to turn on (in Australia it is down)
  2. The water level in the toilet bowl is quite high and there is only one button to replace the lot. We have seen some two stage buttons but there are still high water levels.
  3. The toilet seat is lower. In public toilets the gap at the bottom of partitions is higher. Very odd.
  4. Power points are always ON resulting in them looking like shocked faces. In Australia every power pint has a corresponding ON/OFF switch.
  5. Squirrels are cool. Just saying.
  6. Paths near oak trees have lots of acorns and other seeds on the ground looking just like animal droppings. That ensures we walk quite carefully.
We're still enjoying our daily discoveries.

1 comment:

Bretta said...

And doesn't the toilet water swirl the opposite direction to Oz?

And yes, squirrels ARE cool!