18 October 2016

A day off, loitering around the cabin

Well that should scare the neighbours
One of the best ideas we had for this trip was hiring a cabin in the mountains. For the number of people in our group and the convenience of having a fully furnished house and kitchen, the price was great value.
We have room to lounge about, invite friends over, cook our own breakfast and dinner, freeze and refrigerate a variety of foods and go exploring and bring home what we have found.
When we had friends over to share a lovely roast beef dinner (and Tim Tam Slams for dessert) and they thoughtfully brought some large carving pumpkins and a pumpkin carving kit.
Now that is an experience we would not have been able to perform at your typical hotel!
Nice Bamboo. What are you going to do with it?
Today we are having a day at home, allowing us to recharge our batteries and just rest (and write blog posts). The boys decided to go for a wander and check out a bamboo patch they had seen on the way in. A short while later we saw them return with a couple of bamboo poles on their shoulders.
"What are you going to do with those?" I asked.
"I dunno," replied Peter, "I'll think of something."
They are out back doing that thinking (with the sounds of cutting and hacking) at the moment while I write this.
We had a home made breakfast of bacon and eggs, some had fresh made pancakes and others some cereal.
Around us the trees are changing colour almost as we watch. The children are spotting squirrels and Clare saw a Bluebird this morning.
We have mastered the art of every faucet using a different combination of twists, pulls and turns to work.
Carving Pumpkins. Try this at a hotel.
The light and power mysteries have been unravelled after the electricians appear to have pondered how to make each light and power switch with a slightly different placement and pairing. This is all part of the adventure of staying in a new place.

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