12 October 2016

Dairy Queen said we should "Try them all".

"Try them all," they said ...
Dairy Queen is famous for their desserts and as a Fast Food restaurant they are great for Desserts.
Their "Blizzard" dessert is what McDonalds tried to emulate with their MacFlurry. They are not even close.
The Blizzard is claimed to be very solid so all staff are trained to announce the flavour of the Blizzard being served and then tip it upside down to show it is as solid as promised.
But how does one know which flavour suits your tastes?
We came in and said, "Gedday. We need to get a small serve of each of your Blizzards - except for the peanut butter one."
The girl serving us smiled with an unsure smile and paused, so I continued, listing each of the flavours. She still didn't proceed and suggested her manager take the order.

So we did.
The manager remembered us from yesterday when she laughed at our orders - it must have been the accent or something and our unusual questions as to what some of the items were.
We told her we would like one of everything and she said, "Sure!" and we entered each flavour in.
The first girl's jaw dropped and she said, "I thought they were joking!"
"Nope," I said, "Your sign says we had to try them all so I am just doing what was asked."

The winning flavours?
Banana Split was winner with its fresh strawberries and bananas mixed in with the ice cream. Yum.
Runners-up were Apple Pie and Cookie Dough with honourable mentions going to Pumpkin Pie, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Extreme and Royal New York Cheesecake.

We will have to go back a time or two just to check if they are just as nice next time.

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Bretta said...

Wellllll, you can't REALLY say you tried them all unless you try the peanut butter. Which is the best one on the menu and even better if you have them blend it with a Snicker's as well. Just sayin'.....