18 October 2016

How to do a Tim Tam Slam

Look! They're in the US.
A special treat we have been sharing with our American friends are the Australian biscuit (cookie) Tim Tam. This is a milk chocolate covered cream filled malt cookie sandwich. It is great on its own but its special qualities of real milk chocolate and meltiness make it perfect for a special activity.
The Tim Tam Slam.
The basic steps are to have a delightful hot drink of coffee, hot chocolate or tea in front of you. Then take a small bite out of opposite corners of the Tim Tam. Then, using the Tim Tam as a straw, suck up your drink through the Tim Tam "straw".
A gooey, sticky, chocolatey mess. Yum!
This process quickly melts the chocolatey cream filling as well as the chocolate on the outside.  Quickly, before the biscuit (cookie) falls apart, you shove the slowly disintegrating taste sensation into your mouth.
And a little messy as you lick your fingers so as not to waste any of the chocolate.

Now normally this would be a rare treat in the US as Tim Tams are uniquely Australian. You can imagine the excitement when we discovered that Tim Tams are now available in Walmart Supercenters!
Drink the coffee through the Tim Tam Straw

Father and Son teams are OK too.
We transported across the planet a special cooler bag with eight packets of Tim Tams to share with our friends. These were carefully carried through customs and scanning at each airport and stored in safe places on the airplanes. These 8 packets of goodness were unveiled with ceremony as we shared them with our friends.

Next time we'll just get them from Walmart.
Go to Aisle A.19. Don't walk.

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