18 October 2016

It's called Fall for a reason

Almost there. Oh the wind blew more. Sigh.
We have timed our trip to North Georgia very well. It is Autumn, which means the leaves are rapidly changing colour. When we arrived, the trees were all green and we sadly thought we would miss the changing of the leaves.
Wrong. The season is called Fall here for a reason. Almost as we watch, the leaves are changing colour and every time a small wind blows, there is a rain of leaves slowly clattering through the branches to a leaf filled ground.
We have discussed leaves before here and here.
To make it safer for us to drive up the driveway Martin, with help from Rose and myself, swept away the bulk of the leaves. Naturally, as we clear a patch more leaves slowly drift down behind us, but the bulk are now cleared making it safer to drive in.
So what does one do with a pile of freshly swept leaves?
One could jump in the pile, throw them in the air or kick them around. But this is a photo opportunity, just like it was with Clare and Ariel when Clare was little in Georgia.
The photos here took a lot of tries. It seemed all a great idea until a few stray acorns and hickory nuts joined the nice soft leaves and bonked the children on the head and shoulders.
It's all fun until the nuts fall.
Of course we laughed.
Once the first bucket was emptied we looked at the photos and they weren't good enough.
"Again!" I declared and so we gave it a second go.
Much better.
Once we had used half the bin full of leaves I yelled out, "Dump the rest!" and the children were covered with a ton of leaves.
Fun in the Fall.
The final dump of leaves

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