12 June 2006

A winter's day

This is solid ice! Brrrr.
We have had a spell of chilly weather over the last few days. To satisfy our information needs and my Bruggie Tales reporting duty, I sent Lana out into the cold last night to check the temperature. (Lana had some slippers on so she qualified as the most approprately dressed.) -3C! (26F) No wonder we were cold. This morning Eric and James went outside and found some ice still on a small pool of water at about 10:00am.
Naturally we decided to go for a walk in the early afternoon.

"What's in my sandal? Oooow!"
Despite cold noses we enjoyed the walk on the nearby trails and forest. Clare learnt the hard way that sandals are not the best winter foot wear, especially on trails frequented by horses. Horses tend to leave calling cards and sandals are open at the front. For a child who likes kicking dirt on the trail this spelled trouble.
The bonus of going for a walk with Rose travelling in the pram is that by the time we returned home she was fast asleep. Success!

Dog or Cat? You decide.
The children are pretty observant during our walks. Clare keeps running up to us with a weed or a seed or stalk of grass and saying, "Can this go in the Treasure Table?" "I'm sorry Clare," we sadly reply, "But it will just turn brown or rot. Keep looking."
James stopped at one point on the trail and pointed up. "That looks like a dog." The other children agreed (except Clare - "It's a cat!") and I captured the moment here for you to see for yourself. The sky shape bordered by the tree branches and leaves has a distinct shape.
That is how we spent the Queen's Birthday holiday in country New South Wales. I am sure all those wanting a Republic worked hard today, not wanting to celebrate the Queen's Birthday, but we had fun.

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