7 June 2006

A new word for today - Mahalo

I sent a thank you note to Palmtree Pundit with the closing line "Aloha" (she lives in Hawaii). In her reply she said "Mahalo".
Now I had figured "Aloha" meant hello or goodbye, and this new word
was obviously Hawaiian and needed to be investigated.

Here is the answer - Aloha & Mahalo.

It appears that Mahalo is used to sort of mean "Thank you", but the linked site gives it a wealth of meaning, obviously depending on context. Here is a bit of a sample of the "definition":
Aloha and Mahalo are ineffable, indescribable, and undefinable with words alone; to be understood, they must be experienced.
Does that help? Check out the link for more details and examples.

1 comment:

Anne said...

I meant it as "thank you"! ;-)

And it's typical of a homeschooler to go look something like that up, isn't it?