23 June 2006

Some mice are bigger than others

We bake our daily bread in a lovely bread machine. One of the children places all the ingredients in the machine, presses the button and in a couple of hours we have lovely fresh bread.
Yesterday, however, we had a problem. There was a huge chunk taken out of the bread, about the shape and size of a small hand. This was not the job of a normal mouse. We were pretty sure it was Rose.
Today there was a lovely chunk out of the top of the raisin loaf we made.
Here is Rose pointing out where she started to share the fresh loaf.
"Did you take out the top of the bread?" we asked.
"Bread!" she replied.
"Yes. You have to wait until we cut the bread."
"Bread!" she answered.


Cathy said...

I just had to comment that Rose is so adorable! We would like to start baking our own bread so we can make real whole grain as well as raisin loaf (yours looks yummy) and others. Do you have any suggestions about which type of breadmaker to get? Have you tried one that did not work well?

DavidofOz said...

Hi Cathleen
I have created a new post on our breadmaker experience. We are slack and use premix flour, but a breadmaker makes great bread with whatever flour you use. The recipe book that comes with the breadmaker provides great encouragement and advice.