27 June 2006

Fairy Moon is here!

by Lana

After my stitching dilemma I chose to do Fairy Moon by Mirabilia.
It took seven weeks to stitch. I have started a new way of stitching. Instead of stitching in the lounge room watching/ listening to a movie. I have been sitting in the study where David has been working and listening to audio books.
Whilst stitching Fairy Moon I have listened to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Emma and Sense and Sensibility, PG Wodehouse's Love among the Chickens and Jeeves in the Offing, also half of Jules Verne's Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

This design has more beads sewn on than any I have previously stitched. It has been quite interesting to stitch. The face I have stitched over one again. This time she seemed to have a lot of flesh and it was a challenge to keep going with the skin. The face was only completed near the very end of the whole project, even though I always start at the top and work down.
If you click the full photo you will get a larger version. David has taken a close up of the face so you can see the detail "one over one" stitching provides.
The beads in the hair are meant to be "strands of lustrous pearls woven throughout her chestnut hair" according to the designer's website. David reckons it looks like she didn't clean out her hair after washing. He gets great enjoyment reading the flowery descriptions of the cross stitch designers.

Naturally enough, I have now started another Cross Stitch, Stargazer by Mirabilia.
"As the lady watches the sky filled with luminous diamonds she wishes upon them all."
Can you hear David chuckling as he reads this?


patternnuts said...

Oh she is stunning! So well done Lana! Your work is so beautiful!
I suppose she didn't rinse out her hair well enough! Hee hee. The descriptions are a bit, comical. I may have missed a previous entry, but what type and color fabric did you use?

Traci said...

Beautiful work. I am horrible at cross stitch. My latest hobby is spinning. I am getting quite good at it.

DavidofOz said...

Thank you for the wonderful comments on Fairy Moon. She was stitched on Bell Bottom Blue 32ct Belfast from stichesandspice.com.au
I am stitching Stargazer on the same colour from a different dye lot. These were some of their discounted fabric I pruchased to give hand dyed fabric a try.

Anonymous said...

She is fabulous Lana, big pat on the back for you :)

jodi said...

She is beautiful. Even my 16 year old son was very impressed especially when I explained how you did it and the type of fabric that was used.

Anonymous said...

You have done some beautiful work! I admire people who do such tiny counted cross stitch. It is no small task. Nice job!

Anonymous said...

Lana, as always, your work is outstanding and very very beautiful. Adriana