17 June 2006

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Does my foot measure up?
We are on first name terms with our local shoe shop man. He smiles when we enter and waves at us as we pass his door. When I first visited him to buy shoes I smiled and asked him "Can you give us a bulk deal? I need shoes for everyone."
He looked at the many feet and said, "I'm sure we can do something."
And he did!
Eight people in the family mean sixteen feet for which to find shoes. Boys' activities seem to eat shoes pretty quickly, and combined with all the children's rapid growth, this results in many trips to the shoe shop.
We get great service with each child checked for the correct fitting shoes and he always gives us a fair price. This photo is from Rose's first time getting shoes since returning to Australia, when she was able to sit on the special children's bench. She was a very good girl sticking out her feet for measuring and fitting, and then enthusiastically jumping up and down and running when we asked her to test the shoes.

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