7 March 2006

Needle Rolls Exchanged!

Much too nice to poke needles in.
The reciprocal needle rolls in the exchange program arrived today.

Lana's one from a lady in Germany (on the right with the word "Lana" on it) uses the same design as the one Lana's mum used. However, comparing the two you can see how much one can change a standard design. The fabric is a special one which sparkles in the light and the array of hearts around the bear are pretty.

Mum's needle roll came from a lady in the UK and is based on a Tatty Teddy pattern with a lovely custom border.

It was exciting creating and sending our designs to ladies overseas, but today school work was halted as all gathered around to examine the new arrivals. Lots of "oohs" and "aahs".

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