21 March 2006

A Stitcher's Dilemma

by Lana

Yesterday, I finished stitching the Teddy Bear Bellpull I have been working on. We will post a picture once it is hanging on the wall.

Now, comes the dilemma! What to do now?

I have changed my mind a few times over the last two days. I have so many ready to stitch (about 15) that I could start straight away with out having to buy any more supplies. Ariel tried to help me to work out a system to narrow the decision down. I think we came up with the idea that if I stitch a smaller one now, I can have it done sooner. That way I could get more cross stitches done.
I will try to finish the SAL I have been working on before starting The Gazebo.

The Choices for the next one are Angel of Hope by L&L, Sunday Best, Fairy Moon #1 by
Mirabilia, Stargazer #88 by Mirabilia, Angelica L&L, White Lightning, Angel of Dreams by L&L, Cinderella #69 by Mirabilia, Roundup by Couchman Creations, A Bedtime Prayer, Sweet Dreams L&L, Valley of the River Beck and Palamino by Ross Originals.
Stargazer and Fairy Moon I will be stitching on a mediun blue colour fabric instead of the one in the pictures.
If you would like to help me decide the next project, leave me a message in the comments.


jodi said...

I think (for me personally) that the white horse would drive me crazy with all of the white. But that's me.
I like any of the angels or the women.
That helps doesn't it? :-)

I've enjoyed reading the blog and seeing all of the pictures that you all have done. You do beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for you comments on my stitching.

The White Horse doesn't actually have much white in it at all. They are mostly shades of yellow and blue. It sounds strange for a white horse but it seems to look nice. I was going to stitch it over one instead of two.

Thank you for trying to help me decide. Now you can see my problem. They are all so nice.


Bretta said...

Funny, the white horse was MY first choice! But that's because I'm not stitchin it! :o) I like Cinderella & Sweet Dreams a lot too! So, get to stitchin', lady, so we can see what they look like when you're done! ;o)