26 February 2006

Playing in the rain

The view from the driver's seat.
On our way home it rained quite heavily and we were forced to stop as we couldn't see the road. Once it slowed down we returned home. The sky cleared, the sun shone, we looked outside and the clouds promptly rained bucketloads more. All of our water tanks overflowed and the children wanted to play outside. "Why not?" we said and out they went to play.
Playing in the rain is great fun! Puddles quickly grow into streams, getting dirty is no problem as you are effectively in the shower anyway, the water pouring out of the rainwater tanks is fun and with buckets and other implements you can conduct scientific experiments.

Is it raining yet?
Lana went out to check whether it was raining. Her umbrella is one we bought when we lived in Melbourne, a city famed for its variable weather.
Lana's Dad told us that we MUST water the lettuces no matter how much it rains as they need to be watered every day. I don't think we will be in too much trouble when we had over 50mm (2 inches) in under an hour. But the children did check with us. They didn't want to let down Opa.

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Looks like fun!!!