14 February 2006

I Stitch, you stitch, we all stitch

I can do what Mum does too.

My name is Rose
I’m part of a crowd.
Being left out
Is just not allowed.

I have to stand up
For all of my rights
As I'm now almost two
Or I’ll get into fights.

My big sister Clare,
Grandma, Ariel and Mum
Like doing Cross Stitch
I want part of the fun.

So give me a needle
And pattern and thread.
One stitch, two stitch,
No, it’s not time for bed!

I’ve now done three crosses
Where is the next?
Thanks Mum, I’ve got it
These little crosses make me vexed.

Right. That’s it.
I’ve done lots of red.
What are you doing now?
I’ll do that instead.

Rose does not want to be left out of anything the rest of the family is doing. As Clare was doing Cross stitch, Rose wanted to do it too.
She also insisted that the pattern be placed "just so" under her hands in order for her to check the location of each cross.

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Anonymous said...

You got to get them while they're young. ;)

What a cute sight. ^^