18 February 2006

Home Alone (with the children)

What's in your hand, Rose? Nothing!

Today Lana, her Mum, Ariel and her friend all went to Sydney to a Stitches and Craft show leaving me to mind the fort with the rest of the family. So what does a Dad do on his own?
We started by going to the Monastery for Mass and Benediction, where the boys served and I kept Clare and Rose in line. This was followed with me "shouting" (Aust. for paying on behalf of someone else) ice creams for us all.
Then we played a Wild West Wargame. Clare and Peter were joint winners with Eric, James and I casualties and Rose enjoying some potato chips.
Near our home are a number of blackberry bushes the local council is too slack to poison, so we went blackberry picking. Actually all of us picked and Rose ate blackberries. The best thing about berry picking is the end result - Berry Cobbler and ice cream. This is one of the first, and yummiest, recipes we learned during our stay in the US.
Rose really enjoys her blackberries. As you can see in the photo all of the children had their share but Rose dives in with full handfuls.

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