22 February 2006

How to stick a bandaid on a little one

Time to heal.
When our children are little, they can't stop themselves picking away at a sore, especially if it is in a spot they often notice. Rose had a mosquito bite on her wrist which wasn't much of a problem. Unfortunately, as she keeps picking, it is now a sore that doesn't have the chance to heal.
Lana tried a bandaid, but Rose pulled that off too.
The I tried a new plan. I put on the bandaid and then drew a picture on it, saying, "Show Mum your picture!" So Rose then went with her wrist upraised showing everyone her new picture. And the bandaid has stayed on. I did little faces the first few times, currently she has a little girl stick figure. (Click for a closer look at my fine art)
Now her body should have time to heal the sore properly.

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