11 February 2006

It's a big world from up here

A view of Goulburn from the War Memorial
Today we visited the War Memorial in Goulburn. It is situated on top of a nearby hill providing a great view of Goulburn and the surrounding area. Ariel is holding Rose and they are looking out across the city (click the photo for lots more detail). (B4 and B5 did some show and tell on B Wheres?)
Despite the green view, Goulburn is still very dry. They are currently on Level 5 Water Restrictions which means:
  • Only 150 litres of water per person per day;
  • No outside use of town water is permitted;
  • The indoor public pool will be closed from 1 Dec to 1 March; and
  • The outdoor pool will only be open Dec, Jan and Feb.
Excess water usage is charged quite heavily. More information can be found here.
Even the cinema didn't have the soda fountain/post mix drinks because it was too costly to use town water.

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