20 December 2005

We've moved web sites...Sort of

This is http://tales.bruggies.com.au The new home of Bruggie Tales.

That is where our adventures continue ...

Please update your bookmarks/favorites accordingly!

Also - if you find any errors popping up, please let me know. I wanted to bring everything across and I think some of the links may have broken.

It is still hosted on blogspot, but I can store files I want to share on our domain bruggies.com.au. So all this means no real change to operations. Nothing to see. Move along there ...

1 comment:

DavidofOz said...

I originally moved the lot to the new site, but that would have broken the photo links! Aaargh! So I moved it back and made the new site address automatically redirect back to blogspot.
But at least I can now provide files for our liyal readers.