13 December 2005

Getting closer ...

The nativity set is up. This year we have used the wood stove as the base as it is conveniently surrounded by a fire grate to protect it from Rose. This is a very good plan considering this photo caught her trying to scale the fence already.
The stable only has a couple of animals and an empty manger. Over the next few weeks Joseph and Mary will make their way through the house to arrive there by December 24. Then baby Jesus will be there on the 25th with the shepherds too. Currently the shepherds are lurking nearby with their sheep scattered around them.
The tree is up, but bare of decorations. In the week before Christmas the children will get to add one decoration per day. On Christmas eve the lights go on and the rest of the decorations around the house. Then compulsory celebrations!
From Christmas to Epiphany the three wise men wander throughout the house with their gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh. The children will awake each morning searching for the wise men's new location - on a cupboard, under a chair, on a bench, behind a box and so on.

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