26 December 2005

A scary start to Boxing Day

We had a very abrupt awakening this morning with Ariel rushing in holding a screaming Rose and announcing, "Rose has super glue in her eyes!". Boom! Straight awake and into action! Lana picked up Rose and had a close look. Rose was screaming because the super glue was on her hands and she couldn't get it off. Some was on her eye lids and so her eyes wouldn't open.
We immediately placed her hands and eyes in running warm water and realised the glue was only on the eye-lids and wasn't actually in the eye. With a bit of "Diversion therapy" Rose laughed at us and we realised that all would be well. Phew!
The boys had been using super glue to assemble their models and had left the tubes closed, but near the edge of their table. One of the tubes split when Rose played with it with some glue dropped on her hands. She screamed because something was stuck on her hands and then rubbed her eyes. It certainly doesn't take long!
Anyway, all is well and we continued on our lazy day celebrating the first day of Christmas.
Today (December 26) is known as Boxing Day in Australia and is also St Stephen's Day in memory of the first Martyr for the faith.


Cay Gibson said...

Whew! How scary!

Would someone please explain Boxing Day to me? I'm completely in the dark. : (

DavidofOz said...

Boxing Day is a tradition in England, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. It is when you give gifts to those less fortunate. http://www.snopes.com/holidays/christmas/boxing.asp gives a good summary.
In practice in AUstralia it is just another public holiday when a test cricket match begins.