5 December 2005

Now that's a Sand Pit!

We had promised Clare and Rose a sandpit so the day after the cubby house was moved, Lana's Dad built one. It is based on one we built earlier but made smaller and with more reinforcing and built to last!
The pit also has a cover (not shown) made from wood and shade cloth. Clare was shown very carefully what she must do each evening. Run a special piece of wood across the top levelling the sand and then close the bi-fold cover. That way cats won't use the sand pit for their own nefarious purposes!
Clare reports this of her new house and sandpit: (We asked her what she would tell her American friend Christiana)
The Sand pit and cubby house has things in it. Like toys, books and dollies. A cot, chairs and a table aaaaannnnndddd cooking things too. And nothing else. Me and Rose play in it. We play some games. Lots of Mum and Dad and Baby games, and kid games. There's boys and girls. Only.

There! A striking recommendation for a job well done.

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