17 April 2006

I'm ready for the outside world.

Today we were getting organised to go out and gave Clare the instruction, "Get dressed. We're going out."
She came out of her room wearing this.
"Are they the right clothes for going out?"
"They have a green bit," she said showing me the dress trim, "And I'll have shoes." Phew. That'll make all the difference.

Meanwhile I recently had my birthday and Clare came up to me in bed and wished me "Happy Birthday Daddy".
"Do you know how old I am", I asked.
"Six," she replied confidently, then paused. "No, I'll be six my next birthday. You're Eighteen."
So there you go. I'm eighteen again.


Alice Gunther said...

A beautiful outfit on a dear young girl!

RennyBA said...

What a charming girl. I bet you where proud to take her out. She also seams to give the right comment at the right time. Now wonder she has a happy father:-)