5 March 2008

A trifle into Defcon 4

Martin has just made it into Defcon 4. He has begun climbing chairs (but hasn't yet worked out he can move them), opens cupboards and runs with items that NEED relocating.
Here he is pointing out a tasty target of interest - a huge trifle. A trifle is the best way to use stale cake.
Start with a butter or sponge cake and chop it into about 2" squares. (Accuracy here is not important)
Place them decoratively around the inside of a bowl - glass is better because all the children can look in awe at the yummy contents.
Pour fruit juice over the cake so it soaks in nicely. Place this in the fridge while you make some jelly (Jello) in a  slightly stronger mix than usual. Let it set, then chop it up and throw into the middle of the bowl amongst the soaked cake, or pour it in partly set so it mixes up.  Then throw in some tinned fruit too.
Make up some custard (or pudding) and pour over the top so that it fills all the gaps.
Then you can make it pretty with a bit of cream and fruit on the top.
Refrigerate so it's all cool and serve with ice-cream (of course)
Very yummy.

Oh yes - an important safety tip: Keep chairs away from the bench so that little children don't stick their fingers in.

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Neuropoet said...

Is it crazy that I miss having little ones like this in the house?! :) Nothing keeps you on your toes like they do!
~Jenny :)