8 March 2008

Little Helpers

Lana has an early start on Saturday Mornings when she makes fresh Strawberry Cheesecake muffins for the local shop. These are the ones she and Ariel won First prizes at the Robertson Show.
Rose gets up about this time too and wants to help.
"How do you want to help?" asks Lana.
Rose thinks carefully and answers, "Licking."
So Rose helps Lana by licking the spoon and bowl.  Other days she wants to help by putting in the muffin papers.  (And then licking afterwards)
Earlier in the week Lana asked all the children to be quiet while Dad was on the phone. Afterwards Clare said to Lana, "I was very quiet. As quiet as a whistle ..."  Then she paused for a moment and added  "not being blowed."
Suppressing a laugh, Lana replied, "Good girl. That was very quiet."

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