30 March 2008

7 is so much older

This being the closest weekend to the actual date we celebrated Clare's birthday today. She is very excited to be such a big girl now she is 7 years old.
One of our friends asked her what it was like to be seven.
"Wonderful! I was six for just so long!" Clare replied excitedly.
"What else is good about being seven?" I asked.
"You're older. You get to get more things. Like Ariel. She has more things because she's older."
"So you want to work, too, like Ariel?"
"No!" she answered quickly, "When I'm older like Ariel's age. A long time from now."

Once more, time is a relative thing.


patternnuts said...

Happy Birthday Clare!

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Clare, all the way from Norway :-)

karisma said...

happy birthday Clare!
What a big girl you are!