2 March 2008

The Robbo Show 2008

Yesterday we attended the 2008 Robertson Show. This is a truly Australian Country show and it is great fun. If a rule interferes with a family enjoying itself in a wholesome manner it is ignored, over-ruled or changed. The main four commentators - Bruce, Bruce, Bruce and Paddy - keep up a constant banter and ensure no-one is immune from their friendly jibes. They always ask where a competitor comes from and then use that in their banter. "Oh from the US? You certainly swam a long way!" and so on.
Our first photo is of the Robertson Show Girls. As you can see they are sensibly dressed in the classic Robertson weather - unpredictable. The day was very sunny, but with a mean chill in the air. We all ended the day with sun or wind burnt faces - everything else was covered.
We entered 48 entries into the Pavilion in the categories for cooking, tapestry, knitting, vegetables, photographs and any other crafts the children wanted to enter. We ended up with 19 first prizes, 7 second places and 3 highly commended awards as well as Ariel being awarded Junior Champion Needlework and Eric received Champion Exhibit Junior Vegetables. Clare's photo we showed earlier won First prize. Peter and Clare won prizes for their other photos too.
Lana's cooking deservedly won first prizes all over the place, which is just as well as she is making Anzac biscuits and muffins regularly for the local shop.
There were also many events held on the day everyone could join in. James thought up a good pet to enter in the Pet show under the "Most Unusual Pet" category. Our skinned Raccoon. Somehow, in a judging controversy, we didn't win, so we re-entered again under the "Ugliest Pet" category and were awarded second prize. All the boys and I went to go into the Pie eating competition. Unfortunately the meat pies, which are apparently world famous, were full of meat and COLD. Have you ever tried eating a cold meat pie. We all could have eaten lots of hot meat pies, but as you can see by the photo, Peter wasn't too impressed.
Eric and I entered the Pumpkin Lawn Bowls competition. This is where you bowl a pumpkin and the closest to the marker wins. No practice bowls, the four pumpkins were all slightly different sizes and you were encouraged to hurry up.
Eric was the second bowler up and was immediately in first place. I followed shortly after and was in second place right up until the last bowler when I was pipped at the post. Eric won first prize. Lana took some photos and figured it was about time my photo was shown in Bruggie Tales.
We are now regulars at the show and the various stewards have learned how to spell our non standard last name as they have to write it down so often. We'll be back again next year.

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