24 December 2006

A really Big Bear Hug

In the midst of our celebrations amidst the falling rain yesterday we received a phone call from the local Harvey Norman (Electrical Goods Outlet) in Goulburn. Goulburn is in the midst of extreme drought (as reported here) and they obviously shared our joy at the rain.
The lady asked when I would be in Goulburn next.
"Why?" I asked
"Because you've won the bear."
The huge white teddy bear that Clare and Rose are hugging was the prize in a competition for customers that purchased some product in the last few months.
So we popped in today after Mass and received another Christmas present.
The father of our neighbouring homeschooling family made an excellent point when he saw it.
"Pity it's white, isn't it?"
As any parent knows white is a colour designed for those without children. :-)


Anonymous said...

The dirtier that it gets, the more that it's loved.

Merry Christmas!

patternnuts said...

I have never heard of the association of the white bear(unless it applies to all stuffed animals) and those without children. If it is possible for you to elaborate please.

~~ Merry Christmas~~ !

DavidofOz said...

It's nothing deep or meaningful.
Children = dirt <> white.
Anything white doesn't stay white too long so we have very few white coloured *anything* - especially things that are supposed to be held and hugged a lot!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo. Hope the bear doesn't get too dirty. He doesn't look too easy to wash!