24 December 2006

Clare's future plans

Clare (5) was sitting with Grandma and Lana discussing the news of day.
"I can't wait to get married." she said.
"Don't be in a hurry for that." Grandma replied.
"I want you all to be there."
"I'll be there if I can. You don't need to hurry."
"Rose can be the flower girl."
"By the time you're old enough to be married," Lana joined in, "Ariel or Eric may have a little girl the right age. Rose will be a bit older by then."
Clare pondered this and added, "I think I'll have a flower man too."
"Flower men are usually called page boys."
Clare stopped talking for a while and pondered all this new information. Suddenly she popped up and said, "I think I'll get married after breakfast."
Grandma responded holding back a big smile, "Oh yes. You don't want to get married on an empty stomach."


Patricia said...

Too cute! I just love how innocent little ones are about what it takes to be married. When my daughter was about that age, she grabbed an ornament off the tree and placed it on her wrist like a bracelet - then proudly declared that she was married!

Blessings! Patricia

Suni said...

OH my goodness! That was an adorable exchange :D