25 December 2006

Merry Christmas 2006

There is a bonus to Midnight Mass. The children sleep in. At least a little longer.
This is the Tradition at the Bruggie house on Christmas Morning.
The children get up in a certain order. First one awakes and looks into the loungeroom and examines the treasures under the tree. He then sneaks back into his room and patiently waits about three seconds before waking up the next sibling who does the same. In a relatively short time they are all awake, staring at the sifted presents, wondering what to do until Mum and Dad awake.
The first child then comes into our room and whispers (because you always whisper when the other person is on the phone or asleep) and asks if we are awake. "Not yet, " we reply and they exit the room, tagging the next child to enter a long time - about 30 seconds - later.
Eventually we are all awake and one child is designated to go get Lana's parents who join us.
Once we are all gathered around the tree, eating the compulsory Christmas chocolate or two, Ariel and Eric - being the eldest - are in charge of distributing presents. The trick here is to ensure that no more than two presents are distributed at any one time so all can appreciate the gifts the others have received.
It is fun watching the children as they receive gifts they hadn't considered. Clare's eyes went really wide when she opened up the tea set Lana's parents had given the two girls and Rose had a huge grin when she received a baby doll just like Clare's from my parents.
Here are the two girls testing out their new dress-up dresses. Yep. They work. They spin just fine.
We would like to take this opportunity to wish all our visitors a happy and holy Christmas. We have had a great time sharing our adventures with you all and appreciate all your comments and interest over the last few years.
Drive safely!

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RennyBA said...

Belated Happy Holiday Season and A Happy New Year from all of me to all of you:-)