20 January 2006

A Great Love Story

Mary Ellen of Tales from A Bonny Blue House has a timely post about A Great Love Story. This is an appropriate follow-on from our comments on Taming of the Shrew.
Although Lana likes the occasional "Love" story - or as I call it a "Chick Flick" - we both realise the vapidity of them. I find them worse than mere piffle. They annoy me greatly.
Modern Chick Flicks portray love as only sensation, no thought, no honour and steeped in sin. If it "feels right" the shallow relationship goes into territory only married couples should go, and then breaks up at the drop of a pin.
Love is a cumulative thing. It grows with the little things accumulating, the shared experiences, the times when movie love is AWOL.
Dating without any thought to marriage prospects, and dating with any intention of going "too far" is terribly dangerous. Marriages of a lifetime are not often based on such frivolities and dangerous beginnings.
We are blessed with the loving relationships on my parents (43rd wedding anniversary yesterday) and Lana's parents married for the same time. At our US parish, the priest always made note when couples celebrated an anniversary. When one couple celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary he announced to us all, "See? It can be done!" I enjoy being close to these type of couples and seeing all the little signs of love which speak greater volumes than the external signs the Chick Flicks present as compulsory.
Love is in the details.

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Friar Suppliers said...

David, Thanks for the link and kind words. I think you and Lana have a great love story as well.
God bless.