21 January 2006

A lovely quiet day at home

by Lana
I thought that I would share a story about what we did today.
As it is still Summer holidays here in Australia, the children and I were having a relaxing day. We were listening to the audio book 'The Angels Command' by Brian Jacques.
Whilst listening, I try to encourage the children to do something. Anything. They must have been listening!
I was stitching Angel of Mercy by L&L, Ariel was stitching EMS Sandcastle from the toy baby book , Eric was stitching a Knight on a Horse (a freebie from the internet), James was spinning around in a chair and Peter was stitching an Outlaw (another freebie from somewhere).
Clare was also stitching a group of balloons on 11 count. She only achieved about 6 crosses but it is a start. She often wants to stitch but I have to be ready as she has to check with me for every needle placement to make sure it is in the right place.
Oh and Rose was asleep which helped. A lot.

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