19 October 2005

Wombat Holes

Whilst I have been out and about helping my clients, Lana has restarted her daily walks. The children like to come along and make it into a "nature walk". So Lana goes for a walk with her parents early in the day, and then they all go for a walk or bike ride later.
Today they had a good look at some wombat holes. These holes were in the side of a local road. If you look closely you can see the scratch marks in the sand stone the Wombat has made to burrow into the ground.
Wombats are not noted for their dazzling intellect. They are often seen dead on the side of the road, normally because they have been a bit daft. A common nickname for wombats is "Mobile roadblock". Wombats like to wander into the middle of the road after it is dark. When the car stops and waits for it to cross, the wombat will look at the car, consider which way to cross, start in one direction and then just as the car starts to move, quickly dash back the other way in a fine attempt at getting underneath the vehicle.
Also, many an old house has a collapsed corner due to wombats burrowing under the edge of the house with the weight of the structure collapsing the hole.
More information can be found here.

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