22 October 2005

Learning to ride bikes again

We keep explaining to the children that there is an easy way and a hard way to learn safety when riding their bicycles. The easy way is to listen to instructions and consider the possibile dangers when riding and use the brakes.
I am pretty sure that they want to try the hard way first.
Look at this picture of Peter riding his bike.
Note how his feet are placed.
NOT on the pedals.
Note his hands.
NOT on the hand brakes.
How will he stop, you may well ask?
By colliding with the nearest available obstacle or just fall over. There is a nice smear of dirt on his right arm from when he fell spread eagled on the ground about five minutes before this photo. Just behind him is a dirt track with a large bump which the children like to ride fast and jump over. He rode fast, jumped over and then crashed. Our hearts skipped a beat as he got up laughing saying, "Did you see how fast I went?! I was in the air over the bump!"
I think Peter has chosen the hard way to learn.

Update: Ariel and Eric have both informed me that the reason his hands aren't on the hand brakes is because his hands don't stretch far enough. But that doesn't explain his feet!

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