18 July 2008

We're going to WYD!

We have received a bonus after hosting the pilgrims earlier this week. We have been given the opportunity for tickets to the final WYD Mass on Sunday.
We accepted and started planning.
Then Martin came down with a rash, fever, teething and being generally miserable. Yesterday he showed spots on his belly and back. Oh No! The symptoms matched either Chicken Pox or German Measles! That wouldn't do for a huge public gathering like the WYD mass. So today we went to the doctor.
He was a fellow parishioner and had also hosted some pilgrims. His experiences matched ours.
Anyway he was very experienced and old enough to have seen measles and german measles. He said the spots were not the right size and colour and it looks as though Martin is almost through whatever viral thing he has. So we are cleared for Mass!
We then chatted for about 10 minutes on our mutual enjoyable experiences with our pilgrims.
Here is Martin resting. Somehow babies are able to sleep in the weirdest positions.

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