9 July 2008

American Wildlife Hunters

Our World Youth Day pilgrims have arrived to a very chilly winter's day. They left Kansas in 100F heat, arrived in Sydney to a reasonable weather and then came to the highlands to a chilly 48 and dropping.
Naturally our duty is to show our visitors as much Australian culture as is possible in a short time. After the initial Gedday's and "How are ya"s we took a scenic route to the monastery for an opening Mass. On the way we spotted a Wombat! Well, it may have been dead and technically roadkill - but it was Australian wildlife!
So here are the three big game hunters posing behind their prize. Well, it wasn't technically their prize, but I'm sure their stories may well tell otherwise.
Shortly afterwards we were travelling along the driveway of the Monastery and spotted the Catholic Kangaroos! Quick stop and our intrepid hunters attempted to adopt the style of Steve Irwin. They approached very very carefully so as not to frighten the kangaroos. If you click the photo you will see a larger detail picture. The Kangaroos are on the right, looking curiously at these strange people coming closer. Naturally, once the distance was too short, the kangaroos turned their backs and bounced away.

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Bretta said...

Fun! I look forward to reading their adventures with you...brings back memories :o)