19 July 2008

Planning for the big WYD trip

We are getting ready for tomorrow's rather big day out when we attend the World Youth Day Mass.
1. Get the tickets - availability and opportunity we left in God's hands. We picked them up from the homestay co-ordinator yesterday. Check.
2. Transport - there was no room on the parish bus. But we have our own 12 seater family car (Ford Transit Van). We will travel from here to an outlying suburb to catch the train that is part of the Sydney Metropolitan system. The train system has put on lots of extra trains. There seem like more trains than a normal weekday, let alone a Sunday. So we leave really early, get to the station quite early and arrive in Sydney around 2 hours before the starting time, giving us lots of leeway and walking time to the venue. So, Check!
3. Appropriate clothing - see the photo for our "travel in large crowds" gear. Lana and I are wearing our hunting jackets we bought in the US and the boys have the bright orange hunting caps. The weather is predicted to be really nice, so we will be wearing layers. Check.
4. Group plans - each child has a travel partner so they stay together. Also, we have pinned on a little card to each child's clothes with their name and the mobile phone numbers for Lana and me. Now that we are prepared nothing will go wrong in that area. Children have been reminded that if they lose sight of us, they must stop. If someone asks if they are lost, the child is to show them their card. All rehearsed. Check.
5. Food and drink - Lana is making some sultana cake, sandwiches, dried fruit and plenty of water. We have two backpacks to carry the Martin supplies and the food and drink while keeping our hands free. Check.
6. Martin - Nappies, lots of wipes, drink containers and very portable stroller.
7. Boredom on long train ride - We have packed two books with short stories - Bobby Brewster and Little Pete. I'll read to them which should work. Check.
8. Camera and Video - charge the batteries, carry spare for the camera. Check.
So, I think we are ready. An early night and then we leave in the wee hours of the morning. We'll report back tomorrow!

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