25 February 2008

A house with a view

Sometimes it's worth taking a trek a little out of the way. This is the view we had from near the back porch of the farmhouse we rented last week. (Click the photo for more details)
There was a river and creek nearby which Lana and the children visited on day one while I visited one of my clients that day.
The house was a much better idea than our earlier attempts to find accommodation at a hotel/motel/caravan park. Instead of being squeezed into one or two little boxes we were able to enjoy the room of a house with plenty of space. The cost actually worked out better than the silly motels/caravan parks.
In Australia most motel type accommodation charge a base rate and then an amount per person. They only allow 3 or 4 people per room and then cheekily say "children are free". Ah, but you will need an extra room because "fire regulations" limit us to only 3/4/5 people per room. Bah!

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