4 February 2008

Guardian Angels on Duty

We have often said, "The fact you have survived childhood seems to be a proof for Guardian Angels."
The boys had setup a rather dangerous arrangement around the trampoline. I explained to them all the dangers and suggested they should dismantle or re-arrange the lot to make it safer.
"We've had it this way for months," replied James, "Nothing's going to go wrong."
Famous last words.
Peter bounced too far and hit his head against a plastic pipe and narrowly missed damaging his eye. As it was he received a rather nasty cut and a lovely black eye. He also received great experience that should help him be more careful in the future.
And to be thankful for Guardian Angels.


Anna said...

Ouch! Glad he is okay!
I noticed you have a springfree tramp in your earlier blogs. We are trying to decide between the oval and the large circle. Just wanting to know is there a reason you choose the oval? And do the kids love it?

DavidofOz said...

This accident was on the old trampoline - the one without the net.
We purchased the oval one because it was bigger and we knew that the children would want to be on the trampoline together.
The children have a new game where they all get into the netted trampoline and sit around the edges. Then they take turns bouncing or passing balls to each other. Missing a catch is no problem as the net catches it! This is much less embarrassing for the littler ones having to run after the ball all the time.