2 February 2008

Family Socialisation

We recently had a fun time at a local park which has just refurbished their playground. There were ducks to feed, tadpoles to watch, things to climb and spinning things to, well, spin on.
The children really enjoy spending time together and we enjoy spending time with them. This seems to be such a counter cultural experience. When I announce we are going to have a "Family Day" all the children's eyes light up and they look forward to whatever we are hoping to do - read out loud, go to a park, picnic, watch a movie, play cards, walk in the bush, whatever.
So often we are told that we are risking our children's isolation and stunting their "socialisation" - whatever that is meant to mean. Yet, if socialisation is helping the children form an important part of society, I can't think of a better way than raising healthy, well adjusted adults who actually enjoy their parents and siblings. All the concerns about "socialisation" seem to be based on mythical cases and theoretical situations as the reality is that healthy families - homeschooled or institutional schooled - are much better prepared for the realities of the adult world in which we live. One day all children need to shake off the artificial boundaries of school aged years and confront the world around us. Some can do it younger, others delay the reckoning till their 20's, 30's or even 40's.
We either pay now or pay later in all things we do. We have found that "paying" now in terms of time spent with the family is providing solid returns as the years move on.
Hooray for family life!

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