28 October 2006

Family Maths

This week Peter (8) had a maths lesson about division and remainders. He had 25 lollies (candies) and had to evenly divide them between a number of people and work out the remainder.
The first question was concerning four people.
"How many lollies do each get and how many are left?" Lana asked
"They each get six and Dad gets one."
"Dad?" Lana asked.
"Yes." Peter replied seriously, "Dad always gets the leftover ones. [This is true - it is a very important family tradition I started]
"What about six people?"
"They get four and Dad gets one."
"How about nine people?"
"They each get two," and here Peter paused, then in shock said, "but Dad gets seven! That's not fair!"
It was okay when I only got one to their four or six, but when I ended up with more, then it "wasn't fair".


Anonymous said...

I just came across your family blogg and needed to tell you how it brought back memories.
Our friends live in Canberra. We met them over 20 years ago when they came to the USA. Their two children matched in age my two middle children and for three years we had a wonderful close friendship.
My husband and I were so fortunate that we were able to visit our friends and your country in Spring of 2002.
I'm not a homeschooling parent, my sons are all grown now and on their own. My husband and I retired three years ago and moved from the DC area to the Paradise State! We're very fortunate no major hurricanes in two years -- well Wilma came -- but quickly and no damage to our area this time.
We have the wonderful experience of seeing the space shuttle lift off right from our beach.
I actually, discovered your site because for a few years I've been reading Danielle's journey thru Sister Patrica's Spokane, Wash site. I used to read articles written by Elizabeth Foss in the Arlington Hearld newspaper, and of course now that computers allow their journey to be told, I try to follow their catholic family life. That's how this note to you has come about.
Thanks for sharing. I hope someday to get back to enjoy more of Australia. After all, I now know two families!

DavidofOz said...

Thank you for your kind comments.
We have great memories of all the friends we made when we lived in Georgia. This blog is our attempt to share with them and lots of others our daily life living in Australia, realising how so many areas are quite different.
Y'all more than welcome.