27 October 2006

The box, the bus, the time machine

I was working at one of my clients and noticed they had unpacked a huge box for a new computer server. I wandered over and asked the IT fellow, "What are you doing with that box?"
"I'm just going to throw it out. Why?"
"It'll make a good bus." I replied, smiling.
So he helped me fold it and place it in my car, fitting, although blocking my rear vision mirror.
When I arrived home I announced to the children I had brought something for them. Their eyes lit up as they realised how big the box was.
Here are James, Peter and Clare with two friends all piled into the "bus". Since then, James has updated the bus into a time travel car, complete wiith computer, many seats and all the inner and outer working of a car. "It's got three pedals, a windscreen and mirrors!"
"What's the thing you step on in the car?" asked Peter.
"A spider?" I suggested.
"No," he continued, "the pedal to go faster." "Ah - the Accelerator."


Bretta said...

Always on the lookout for a big box at our house too...although its been a while since anyone played in one except the cat.

Totally off subject, but Tyler is going to the UCHS fall dance with a young lady who said, "Mr. Bruggeman was my favorite Sunday School teacher ever!" Care to guess or do you just want me to tell you??

Henry Cate said...

Calvin of Calvin and Hobbes:


turns his box into a Time Machine, a Transmogrifier, a Duplicator, depending on which way the box was oriented.