30 September 2006

Styles by Ariel - The Hippie Look

I have been told many a time that it isn't possible for Girls to dress with style in today's world. After all, the only clothes girls seem to be able to buy in the stores are those that are too short or have too little fabric for the money. Ariel actually has a fine sense of style and colour, which she must have inherited from Lana.
(She reminds me of this when I dress the little girls - "You can't have purple socks with a red dress Dad!" "Why not? The socks match each other which is a great start!")
I have posted previously on some of Ariel's outfits and this is the first of a series of Ariel's dress styles.
The Hippie Look
We are lucky Lana's sister is on the lookout for nice clothes for Ariel. This ensemble is all from her. (Thanks Gina)
The skirt is of thin material, but has so many pleats that it remains modest, yet light. Being a warm Spring day Ariel has stolen my hat which seems to go with almost anything.
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