1 May 2006

Important Blog Safety Tip

Backup your template!

Today I went to look at the Bruggie Tales and all it showed was the header and most of the left side. No posts at all! Aaargh!
I went to check my template and it was blank part way down. The tricky bit was that I had updated the template yesterday and it all looked well. There was an update problem but it seemed to work. More fool me.

Luckily I had a backup which was mostly current.
I quickly updated the template and all is well again.

Once again we remember why Jesus would make a good computer user.
Jesus saves!

Update: To back up your template go into the Template editor, copy all the text (Ctrl A) and paste it into Notepad or a text editor and save. That way if it all goes Kaboom! just copy and paste it back.


Cathy said...

I was wondering what happened yesterday. I was still able to read your new posts individually. Thanks for the tip on backing up my template. I just finished saving my template to Notepad. I love that you have a fire and make Smores and Damper Bread for Joseph's birthday.

I got an email from some optometrist friends in Mississippi. They have their own office, and they still homeschool! Amazing. I love reading about all the Bruggie Tale adventures, and please tell Lana that red shawl is smashing!

Alice Gunther said...

Thank you so much for this warning, David. I am so sorry this happened to Bruggie Tales. Thank goodness you had a backup.

patternnuts said...

I thought I was having a loading problem! Ha ha ha. Now I feel better! I have so many back-ups of my blog I really need to sort through them!Glad you are back up and running again!

DavidofOz said...

I'm so glad we were missed! :-)
If ever you find that Bruggie Tales is acting oddly please drop us an email. It is caused either by blogspot, or more likely, something dumb that I've done!

Anonymous said...

Does this only happen with blogger? or any place we host our blog through?

Thanks for the heads-up.

DavidofOz said...

This could happen to any document or digital thing. A corruption or interruption of your internet connection could damage your template whether in Blogger, Typepad or whatever.
Always Backup, never surrender.