5 May 2006

A glimpse into homeschooling

John Holt is one of the fellows that promoted homeschooling back when it was a very "alternative" activity. Why Homeschooling has an interesting interview with Pat Ferenga who worked with John Holt in those early days and continued after John passed away.
The interview provides a worthwhile glimpse of homeschooling past, present and future.


jodi said...

I have read part of the interview (am still reading it) and agree with a lot of what he wrote and can understand his point of view (my kids are in public school). However, I'm not sure that the benchmarks for getting out on ones own are due to the educational system. Some of it yes, as more jobs require advanced degrees but some of it is due to the way the individual child is raised or the makeup of the child themselves. I've seen both homeschoolers and children schooled by other means not be able to leave home or have trouble as they have every decision told to them. Now, there are some decisions that parents have to make for their child's safety and their well being but I've had children to the house that cannot make basic decisions without their parents nearby to tell them what exactly to do. Good parenting and education allows children to be comfortable in making some of their own decisions so that they will be able to do so when we are not around.
Some children it takes longer as they are maybe quieter and shyer. When they get the courage inside themselves to step out the door they usually do fine.

Hope this makes sense. Will go back to reading the article.

DavidofOz said...

I think the key to the success of children in the outside world is greatly affected by the love and time parents put into the job. Homeschooling is not really an academic choice - it is a life choice. Education is only part of the resulting changes to the family's lifestyles.
As parents, it is our responsibility to make conscious decisions about children, work and home life. How we make those decisions surely affects the children.
I attended Catholic schools and I came out very shy. That changed once I hit the real world, but in line with your comment, all children develop differently. We have seen many fruits of the way of life which embraces a home education philsophy.
By the way, I enjoyed my visit to your blog. :-)