30 May 2006

The art of watching scary movies

Can I peek yet?
Eric wanted to watch one of the Lord of the Rings movies tonight. There is an art to watching movies which have scary bits.
  • First get comfortable in the lounge chair.
  • Gather a lovely warm blanket around yourself.
  • Place your hands in position.
  • Now you are ready.
  • When a scary bit comes on screen lift the blanket.
  • When you hear the scene change, peek over the blanket.
Enjoy your movie!


RennyBA said...

Thanks for the hint - I'll remember that next time I watch movies with scary bits together with the children:-)

DavidofOz said...

Our three boys also vary in their reaction to scary parts of films. James is inclined to avoid a movie until we have all watched it together, even though he may remain under the blanket for most of the film.
Once he knows it is safe he will watch the film next time with great enjoyment!